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Hey, I’m Cassie.

I'm the Art Director and Designer behind Cassie Creative.

You can find me cozied up under a blanket in the studio, paintbrush in hand, with a carefully curated playlist turned all the way up.

I was raised in Virginia by an artist and a fearless girl boss who taught me that creativity requires dedication and crafting a life that brings you joy is wildly significant, satisfying, and practical.

I fell in love with art as a child, watching over my dad’s shoulder as he experimented with different watercolor techniques and tagging along with him to classes.

These days, you will find me weaving my client’s fondest memories into something tangible, by recreating their stories with art. From capturing their first home to designing heirloom invitations, each project tells a visual narrative of their lives.


The Studio Dog

Theodore fancies snow and believes there’s no such thing as an indestructible toy.



Want a peek behind the scenes?


August reads

If I Was Your Girl
Meredith Russo

A Fire Sparkling
Julianne MacLean

Blake Crouch


The Playlist

You’ll find these tracks in the background of most of our instagram stories.