DIY Valentine's Day Banner

It's the month of love! How are you celebrating? How about doing something a little extra special for your Valentine or Galentine.

Maybe it's the paper nerd in me, but nothing feels more festive than hanging up a banner. Coming home to a cute V-day message just for you really adds a special touch to your day. You can customize this banner with ANY saying, but I decided to go with a simple, "I love you."



  • Watercolor Paint (I used Scarlet Lake, Opera Rose, and Yellow Ochre)

  • Round Brush #10 (I use the Princeton Heritage 4050R Series)

  • 140lb Cold-Pressed Paper

  • Scissors

  • Pencil + Eraser

  • Hole Punch

  • Twine

  • Nails or Washi Tape for hanging

  • Bonus: Champagne (because you should always have champagne)

Step One

First, you want to make your triangles for your banner. I cut two strips of 4" x 12" watercolor paper, but be sure to cut more for longer messages. You could also make them larger to fill a bigger space! I wanted to hang ours over the sink in our kitchen, so I made them on the smaller side.

To make sure the triangles are all the same size, lightly mark every three inches on your 12" strips with a pencil. Then, go back and mark the center (1.5") of each triangle. Now, you can diagonally connect the center marks with your 3" marks. If you are using a 12" strip, you should have seven triangles and two small scrap pieces. Repeat this on your second strip of watercolor paper.

Grab your scissors and cut all of these babies out.

Step Two 

Now that you have all your triangles ready, you want to take your pencil and lightly outline each letter on each triangle. I did mine in cursive, but big bold letters would also be fun! Tip: make sure the letters are thick, so they are easy to read.

Step Three


I created a rainbow-like effect by starting with red and gradually moving to peach. If you decide to use these colors, you will want to start with just Scarlet Lake for your first letter. For the second letter, you will add a little bit of Opera Rose to Scarlet Lake. As you move from letter to letter, gradually add more Opera Rose until your mixture is just Opera Rose. This will transition you from red to pink.

After you complete your Opera Rose letter, you will want to do the same thing with Yellow Ochre. Add just a hint of Yellow Ochre to your Opera Rose, and continue to add more as you move from letter to letter. This will gradually change your pigment from very bright pink to peach and orange.

Wet-on-Wet Technique

Now for the fun part: painting! We are going to use wet-on-wet technique for each triangle. First, get your brush wet with clean water, and paint outside of the outline of your letter on one of your triangles (don't worry about inner parts yet, like the center of an "o"). While the paper is still damp, pick up pigment on your brush and trace around the outline. The paint will bleed outwards, creating a really nice effect. You can also dab in pigment in other places that look like they can use it (I did this quite a bit around the edges). Check out my post on instagram for a quick video of this.

Once the outer part dries, go in and use this technique on the inner parts of your letters. Repeat the entire process until all of your triangles are painted.

Step Four

Once each triangle has dried, punch a hole in the top corners (two per triangle). Thread your twine through the holes and hang your new banner up! I used Washi Tape to hang mine, but you could also wrap your twine around two nails.

Step Five

Drink that bubbly. You worked hard, babe.


If you've followed along with my tutorial, be sure to share your beautiful artwork on instagram, tag me, and use the hashtag #cassiecreative so I can see!

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